Trades x Technologies (T2) Building

Trades x Technologies (T2) Building


SENMC is designing a facility to house new programs in Electrical Technology, Petroleum Technology, and Radiologic Control Technology, as well as expanded space for current Industrial Maintenance Technology and Natural Gas Compression Technology programs. It includes indoor shop spaces, adjacent outdoor training areas, simulator rooms, classroom/lab spaces for instrumentation and programmable logic controllers training, a computer lab, testing space, and offices. T 2 is included on the NM Higher Education Department 2023/FY25 Capital Outlay Funding Recommendation list at $5 million.


Program/Curriculum Opportunities
Programmable Logic Controllers
Industrial Maintenance
Natural Gas Compression
Radiologic Controls
Mining Operations

Electrical Technology is foundational to a multitude of sectors, spanning energy, healthcare, communications, utilities, construction, and manufacturing.  Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.  Graduates may specialize in industrial, commercial, or residential electrical applications, with training in circuits, devices, machinery, and national code requirements.  SENMC will offer the Electrical Technology AAS Degree with emphases in industrial, commercial, and residential, as well as digital electronics.

Instrumentation is the collective term for equipment and devices used for the measurement of industrial processes.  The generated and recorded data are used to control automation, troubleshoot problems, and inform design improvements. 

A Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial input/output device—a miniature computer that has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of industrial processes, including assembly lines, machines, robotic equipment, or any activity that requires simple programming, reliability, ease of programming, and fault diagnosis

Two-year programs
(Associate in Applied Science)

  • Petroleum Technology AAS
  • Natural Gas Compression AAS
  • Industrial Maintenance AAS

One-year or less

  • Petroleum Field Service Tech
  • Natural Gas Compression Tech
  • Industrial Maintenance Tech

Field and industrial technicians require advanced training and knowledge. Advancements in electro-mechanical systems are rapidly driving the design, operation, and maintenance of products, resulting in growth in the need for skilled graduates who can quickly learn to adapt to a multitude of devices and situations.  Students receive hands-on training on equipment used in the field. State-of-the-art simulators provide experience in the operation of heavy equipment only available at the worksite.  Preparation includes internships and field experiences

Radiologic Controls training is essential to the area’s nuclear storage industry.  SENMC pioneered the offering of needed training as a workforce development non-credit training program in 2023 with plans to develop a two-year AAS program by 2025.  Technicians specialize in calculating radiological doses and monitoring radioactive and hazardous materials.  Graduates make decisions that protect worker and public safety, national security, and the environment, while ensuring the success of mission-critical work.

Whether mining is surface or underground, training is essential to keep all miners safe—and it is required by the federal government.  SENMC provides Mining Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) approved training to support potash industry needs as well as those of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), one of Eddy County’s largest employers

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